Thursday, June 14, 2012

A big game

Today Universidad de Chile has the difficult work of confront the argentinian team Boca Juniors in the semi-finals of Copa Libertadores. This first match will be play in "La Bombonera" stadium with 50.000 fans making a really football party.

"The Blues" are very expectant about how the six-time champion Boca will present her team today. With José "Pepe" Rojas and Gustavo Lorenzetti with physicals problems, the coach Jorge Sampaoli should order a alternative lineup.

In the last match between these two teams was in 1995 in a friendly match where the chilean team of Marcelo Salas won 4-2 against Boca Juniors of Diego Maradona

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A photography with memories

If you ask me about one photo that I like it, I really don't know what answers. But I started to think about some moments that I will never forget. This is one of them.
This photo was taken 15th December of 2011 by Reuters, the world's largest international multimedia news agency, in Estadio Nacional. That day Universidad de Chile won the Copa Sudamericana against Liga Universitaria de Quito. In the first final played in Quito, the chilean team won 0-1 in a good actuation. In this match Eduardo Vargas score twice and Gustavo Lorenzetti one time. With a 4-0 this in the global score, 
"the blues" claim Copa Sudamericana crown.

I like it because means the first international tittle of my favorite team, that with fighting spirit and humility, achieve the trophy. In bottom can see the people celebrating and happy, the unconditional supporter that every weekend go to the stadium and make the football a party.  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Labour Day in Santiago

In this historic day the labour movement converge with the student movement, that also integrate the working class, that has been going in a strong demonstration for a year ago. The day was filled with many events and demonstrations that reaffirm that the economic system are in crisis.

At 11 o'clock thousands of workers organized in the CUT (the bigger federation of workers in Chile) started the march from the front of Universidad de Santiago. The student movement also include the large column with signs of their demands. Political parties, social movements and communities with so much people complete the ten thousand that assist to the event. After that cultural acts in Plaza Brasil and in many parks made the day a really commemoration of the historical workers demands.

The actual crisis of representation that are experimenting the institutionalism in respect of the society, plus the social climate, requires answers of their demands with democratization tools and ways to enpower the people.

I believe that the labour day are always a good moment to think one more time about the society and how is configurated. The workers are the base of the society and historicaly they has been leave aside.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cell phones, cell phones for everybody

This is the most important technological object that I used. I can't go out without this. Even though that I don't have a modern cell phone with internet and touch screen, I think that is important bring it because could help you in so much situations.

Since less than six months that I have my actually cell phone, brand Sony Ericsson. It's grey with black and I used it everyday. Google send me my events of my calendar via SMS and is very useful. My contacts list has so much people of the secundary, university and family, so I take care it always.

In the past when the cell phone doesn't exist, the people don't have problems with follow their pocket diary and go out with a contact list. I think that now everybody is used of the comforts of the technology.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Juana Fé

Today I will talk about one of my favorite band: Juana Fe. There career started in 2003 in the north zone of Santiago, where the whole band known them. The join of the cuban percussionist David Ortega influenced the rhythmic unique that this band combine with the locals histories that they listening in their neighborhoods. The band have three albums and multiple presentations in important stage like Festival de Viña del Mar, Festival de Olmué, Vive Latino and concerts along the country. 

I like their music because contain critics with the actual economic system and social themes. My favorite song is "La Bala" that talk about Victor Jara's killers that are in liberty and the social protest. Also I like "Chiquitita" and "Tengo Luquita" of the album called "La makinita". 

I saw this band a lot of times in Santiago and their shows are really great.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Autobiography

I'm Mauro Lizama. I was born in San Fernando, near Rancagua on June 22nd. I'm the last son of my parents. One sister's 24 and she is a journalist in the newspaper El Sur de Concepcion and the other is studying Phonoaudiology in Viña del Mar.

My firsts months of life I lived in Curicó, I learn to crawl in Valparaíso and walk in Los Andes. In 1996 my family moved to Punta Arenas where I lived nine years. Despite that I leave Punta Arenas six years ago, I still have contact with my old friends. In 2005 I moved to Puerto Varas where I finished the school.

Right now I am living in Santiago, because I'm studying Public Administration in Universidad de Chile. I'm playing with the basketball team called "Pública" in the Interschool Championship of the university. Also I'm an active member of  the Communist Party of Chile (PCCh) in his young structure.