Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Autobiography

I'm Mauro Lizama. I was born in San Fernando, near Rancagua on June 22nd. I'm the last son of my parents. One sister's 24 and she is a journalist in the newspaper El Sur de Concepcion and the other is studying Phonoaudiology in Viña del Mar.

My firsts months of life I lived in Curicó, I learn to crawl in Valparaíso and walk in Los Andes. In 1996 my family moved to Punta Arenas where I lived nine years. Despite that I leave Punta Arenas six years ago, I still have contact with my old friends. In 2005 I moved to Puerto Varas where I finished the school.

Right now I am living in Santiago, because I'm studying Public Administration in Universidad de Chile. I'm playing with the basketball team called "Pública" in the Interschool Championship of the university. Also I'm an active member of  the Communist Party of Chile (PCCh) in his young structure.

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